Why are Product Descriptions so Important for Dropshipping?

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It’s all too easy to overlook product descriptions and input a rushed or subpar description to get it out of the way. While you shouldn’t be agonizing for hours over writing the perfect description, a lame description will cut your own legs out from under you.


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Spelling mistakes, awkward or poor grammar, and lackluster product description will send customers running. If you can’t take the time to write a decent description, why should customers give your product their time?

A great description gives your products credibility and by association your brand. An amazing product description draws the buyer in and builds a trust that your brand is high quality. Buyers know that online shops are a dime a dozen. For every good shop, there are 50 thrown together shops trying to make a quick buck. Elevate your shop with great product descriptions and build trust with your customers.

Set the Tone of Your Store

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Product descriptions communicate to the buyer the tone of your store. A quirky or fun description lets customers know your brand is playful and gives off good vibes. While a rushed description cheapens the product and the brand.

Writing a  flawless description sets you up to charge more from your product. If all your descriptions and presentation give off a high-end vibe, it is more believable to charge a higher price for your products.

For example, look at Ford and Lincoln. Both vehicle brands are owned by Ford Motors and share many of the same components. Lincoln has some extra luxury touches but at heart a Lincoln Navigator and a Ford Expedition are very similar vehicles. Why is it that a Navigator costs so much more? Look at the presentation of the website and the vehicle descriptions. Lincolns are presented as the luxury brand with descriptions that match that aesthetic while Fords are more utilitarian with a price to match.

Building Value

Company, Drawing, Pen, Paper, Arrow, Success, SketchExplaining your product isn’t enough, you also need to elevate it. Your descriptions educate customers on all the benefits it brings without sounding like a laundry list. Descriptions essentially explain to customers why your product is great and why it should be chosen over other similar products.

A piece of clothing might not be a lifechanging purchase; however, your description can make a purchase feel special. Maybe your product uses recycled materials, highlight that to let buyers know they are being ecofriendly. The socks you sell are made of Merino wool? Display that front and center to attract buyers who value this material.

Every word should be dedicated to building value. Customers want value for their money, use descriptions to give them what they want.

Start Writing Killer Description and Level Up your Dropshipping Store!


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