Holiday Season 2020 Dropshipping: 5 Crucial Tips

With 2020 wrapping up, this year has proven to be many things. One of the big positives to come from 2020 is the explosion in e-commerce and dropshipping. Don’t fall behind the competition, carve out your share of the pie this holiday season.

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1.      Get Your Shipping in Order!

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This holiday season will lean heavily on online shopping which means shipping times will be all over the place. Dropshippers need to be ready to handle this and also caution their customers. Make sure your shipping logistics are top-notch.

Topdser offers various shipping options to choose from and can lend a leg-up on the competition that relies on slow standard shipping.

Make it clear and obvious that shipping times may be irregular for the holiday season. You do not want angry customers getting their gifts after New Year’s and leaving a bad review.

2.      Push Your Digital Marketing and Ads

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Everyone is looking for fun gift ideas for friends and family. Create some gift ideas and recommendations content. Email campaigns with engaging graphics can point customers searching for gift ideas in the direction of your store.

Lists! Everyone loves a great list! A top 10 list of the best gift ideas (from your shop!) in the form of a brief video will grab eyes and drive traffic.

Get creative! In a market of stiff competition, go above and beyond with your targeted ads. Now would be a good time to design or commission some new graphics to wow customers.

3.      Sale! Sale! Sale!

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The favorite word of any customer is sale. Holiday sales drive billions in revenue each year. Advertise a sale in ads as well as on your landing page.

Consider bumping your prices up a small amount allowing you to advertise a bigger sale without cutting into your bottom line as much. Nearly all the big retailers do this, so some dedicated apps and programs track product prices to see if a sale is worth it.

Buy 1 get 1 50% off is another useful tactic for many sellers. Not only do you move 2 units, but the discount is also always taken on the cheaper of the items.

4.      Add Some Holiday-Themed Items

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Christmas is an excellent opportunity to inject some new items into your store. Ornaments, ugly sweaters, blankets, decals, and the endless number of other holiday products are hot sellers this time of year.

Some stores may find it beneficial to add some trending pop culture holiday merch to their store. The NBA is starting back up soon, perhaps some basketball-themed ornaments could move some units. Find something that is trending or that has a strong niche popular and take advantage of it.

5.      Keep Your Products in Stock

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Hopefully you are slinging products like Santa on Christmas Eve. Don’t let your supply run out when you are on a roll.

Keep a close watch on your suppliers and have backups ready. Monitor prices as well. It is common for retailers to offer sales during the holidays. Be on the look out for ways to increase your profit margin.

Check out the Topdser Sourcing Service. If you find yourself running low on products or need a better price, make a sourcing request. Let a Topdser agent find the products crucial for your store at a price that’s best for business.

Now is also the time to stock up! Topdser now offers Topdser Private Storage. Sellers can pre-purchase their supplies and have them stored at the Topdser warehouse for 1 month for free. Lock in wholesale prices and keep them in your private stock so you don’t run out during crunch time. Bonus! This will also knock 3-4 doors off of shipping time.


The 2020 Holiday Season will be a huge time for dropshipping. Make sure your shipping and product stocks are taken care of. Get creative and aggressive with your marketing. Think outside of the gift box when it comes to new products for your store and pay close attention to the trends.


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