More than Just Shopify: Topdser Adds Broad Multichannel Support

E-commerce has seen massive growth in 2020 and dropshipping also shares in this boom. Naturally, Topdser is expanding its support network to accommodate the current e-commerce market and the spiking interest in dropshipping. Having choices is never a bad thing, so why should you be limited to one selling platform?


Topdser Multichannel Support is Here

Topdser Sourcing Service now integrates with a plethora of e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Woocommerce, Wish, and Rakuten just to name a few (Check Network Image Below). Clunky cross-platform fulfillment is buried and gone. Topdser will help fulfill your orders with Topdser Sourcing to multiple channels and also provide the tracking information. That’s all well and good but, why is this important?


Seamlessly Use Established Channels

The Shopify-only approach isn’t ideal for everyone. Creating and maintaining your own webpage (even with a template) can be a pain point for many entrepreneurs. Topdser gives dropshippers the choice to easily fulfill orders with established channels. Massive channels like Amazon and Walmart come with built-in web traffic, extensive digital marketing, and prebuilt ads.

Use Topdser to harness the perks of well-known channels. Brand recognition plays a key role in online shopping where a customer cannot physically investigate a product before they purchase. Dropshipping on recognizable channels can help transfer the reputation and credibility to your products. For example, while Customer A might not trust a product from an unknown webstore, they might have no problem purchasing the same product from Newegg.

Closely linked to credibility is product reviews. Reviews are often highlighted by larger platforms like Amazon. Customers rely on reviews to attest to a product’s quality but may not be ready to trust reviews from a channel they aren’t familiar with. Easily visible and credible reviews can heavily boost a dropshipper’s sales.


The Best of Topdser with More Options

Being able to fulfill multiple channels, all within Topdser’s infrastructure, puts dropshipping sellers in the best environment to succeed. Find the best price on Topdser Sourcing and then fulfill your orders through all the relevant channels seamlessly.

More channels mean more exposure and more chances for your product to get in front of customers. Rather than only have a Shopify website, sellers can list their products on several channels to increase visibility. Wholesalers and multichannel sellers without a Shopify presence will also benefit greatly from Topdser. Manual fulfillment is cumbersome and a waste of resources. Topdser can remove that headache to save time and boost efficiency.


Topdser Account Managers Will Set You Up

Simply reach out to your Topdser Account Manager to begin Multichannel support. Communicate which of our channels you want to integrate to get started. Once these channels are established, sellers can fulfill orders by confirming and paying and Topdser will handle the tracking information. Topdser also offers a prepaid wallet feature with automatic seller authorization to further streamline merchant operations. Contact our team to set it up:


Spotlight: Amazon, eBay, and Wish


Amazon Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & moreAmazon is one of the largest e-commerce channels in the world. Amazon averages millions of transactions a day, so why shouldn’t your products get a piece of that action?

In the US, Amazon is the most invasive presence in the lives of American consumers. Whether it is Alexa suggesting gift ideas, one-click buying, or the notorious Prime 2-day shipping, Amazon has the lion’s share of digital e-commerce exposure. Dropshippers can also utilize Fulfilled by Amazon, which puts all your shipping in the hands of Amazon.

Why Amazon?
  • Amazon Brand Recognition
  • Built-In Traffic
  • Built-In Ads
  • Can Still Use SEO for Traffic
  • Established App



Sony PlayStation 5 Console - White for sale online | eBay

eBay is another titanic e-commerce presence in the world. eBay was the first big online auction website where anyone could sell anything. eBay hosts everyone from recognized brands like Dyson down to private sellers trying to get rid of unused household items.

Like Amazon, eBay is processing millions of transactions daily without breaking a sweat. Unlike Amazon, customers are a little less likely to be as harsh when they judge products. Amazon’s brand image creates a picky customer culture whereas eBay customers can be more forgiving.

Why eBay
  • eBay Brand Recognition
  • Auctions
  • Built-In Traffic
  • Sponsored Ads
  • Built-In Digital Marketing
  • More Forgiving Customers
  • Established App



Wish locks out accounts for excessive refunds

Wish is the new kid on the block relative to Amazon and eBay. Wish excels at moving big units of less expensive goods. The customer base of Wish generally understands these units are inexpensive for a reason and do not have high standards of quality as you might find on Amazon or even eBay. It’s not uncommon to see weak product presentation and descriptions. This leaves opportunities for competition to take place.

Wish has an established app with millions of downloads with high amounts of traffic for sellers to capitalize on.

Why Wish?
  • Wish Brand Recognition
  • Good for Inexpensive Products
  • Weaker Competition
  • Built-In Traffic
  • Sponsored Ads
  • Built-In Digital Marketing
  • Dedicated App



Topdser’s new Multichannel support network allows you to use the Topdser Sourcing Service to fulfill orders from a wide range of channels. Authorize and pay for new orders manually or set up a prepaid wallet and authorization system to save time. Leave the tracking information to Topdser. Start integrating more channels on Topdser by speaking with a Topdser account manager.

Take Advantage of Multichannel Support and Topdser Sourcing Today


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