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Our Story

With the rapid growth of ecommerce platforms and widespread adoption of social media marketing, dropshippers are drastically altering the future landscape of ecommerce. Opening an online store with no budget is no longer a hope, but a reality. The Topdser team wants to maximize the potential of dropshipping and give small operations the leverage to enter the ecommerce world successfully.

Since the founding of Topdser , our core motivation has been to focus on cultivating success in the United States among small retailers. Our team is comprised of ecommerce veterans with 15 years of experience by founding other successful ecommerce startups and also working as tech leads for Alibaba. We have accrued a wealth of knowledge through our collective experiences and we gained intimate understanding of all the pain points encountered by sellers at each stage of the process. Our experience gave us the tools to solve these problems and be a catalyst for growth among small or large ecommerce companies.

Topdser is the bridge connecting wholesale warehouses to small retailers. We facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship between these two parties by solving the problem of finding a supply chain for the retailer while also removing the need for warehouses to find marketing. Our marketplace of high-quality suppliers provides retailers with an endless selection of products.

Topdser strives to make ecommerce more accessible to anyone with ambition. Our ambition is to bring diversity to ecommerce by shifting the landscape from massive operations to focus on successful smaller retailers.

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