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Topdser Affiliate Program

Zero Investment

Earn 2% commission

Collect 2% for for orders made by Topdsercustomers you refer

1 investment, Only 3 steps, Easy Money

1.Create Topdser Affiliate Program Account

Click ‘Login’ button, create an account on Topdser.

2.Receive Your Unique Referral Link

Click Affiliate to get your unique affiliate link, which you can share and invite people to register with Topdser.

3. Earn 2% Commission

For each order created by your referred customer within 90 days (since the registration), you will receive 2%


Topdser is the industry’s leading supply chain solution for Dropshipping entrepreneurs, and also an official partner of Shopify App Store. We help optimize cost structures and get faster shipping options for dropshipping businesses – with zero up-front cost!  Our team has been working as a professional dropshipping supplier since 2016, before we introduced our Private Sourcing Service in 2020.

1.Register a free Topdser account
2.Get a unique referral link from the “Referral” Tab
3.Refer your friends to join the Topdser and place orders with Topdser suppliers
4.Collect a 2% commission for every purchase order made by your friends!

Of course! Please contact your account manager or customer service to initiate the withdrawal your commissions more when it reaches $100.

1. We will be able to track the registrations that came through your referral link.
2.Please do not refer yourself by referral link. We will suspend the accounts with any fraudulent activity.

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