Mobile X Dropshipping: What Does a Native Mobile App Mean for a Dropshipper?

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Did you know that 10 years of eCommerce growth happened in just 3 months in 2020?

As the countries locked down and retailers were forced to close, eCommerce reached to an all-time 16.4% of total global retail sales. The accelerating effect of COVID-19 forced offline businesses to go online and helped online businesses thrive! 

The dramatic change that happened last year is very significant and striking. However, there is one another trend that has been growing and growing in last decade and peaked this year: mobile shopping.

In this post, you will learn what mobile commerce and native mobile apps mean to your dropshipping business. 

What are the benefits of having a mobile app?

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Today, in 2021, more than 72% of global eCommerce retail sales are coming from mobile. This means you have to offer the best mobile shopping experience to your customers as an online business.

1.Offer The Best Mobile Shopping Experience

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Mobile apps offer the best mobile shopping experience with user experience, user interface, and faster checkout.

We cannot stress enough the importance of quality look of a brand on mobile and the checkout speed it delivers.

2.Save On Your Marketing Budget With Push Notifications

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In annual eCommerce report, Shopify Plus says that average CPC cost has increased to 1.00 USD in July 2020 from 0.70 USD in January. This shocking number indicates that how expensive the marketing gets every month.

But don’t worry! You will have push notifications with mobile app. They are all free and unlimited with Shopney. Furthermore, the push notifications has a 5x better open rate than emails.

3.Enhance Your Brand Reputation

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The competition is very intense in the dropshipping universe. And it’s hard to stand out in the crowd of stores. The main risk is that there are many frauds in the crowd. So, the dropshipping, as a business type is not that reputable in customer’s mind because of that bad examples. 

They get the orders and do not deliver the products and trying so many other ways to cheat.However, we know there are great stores and businesses as well. Having a mobile app will help you to increase your reputation. 

Because a store that has invested in a great mobile app will seem more reliable and make visitors think that ‘’OK, this store values its business and invests in it.’’ More or less, but there will be an undeniable positive effect on the brand image of your business.

4.Increase Customer Loyalty and Retention

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What makes a brand grow is not the new customer, but the loyal customer. Because, repeat customers are more likely to buy new products, spend more and advocate your brand by word of mouth.

Mobile apps help eCommerce businesses to create a loyal customer base with better experience and speed. Also, push notifications increase the customer retention in the mobile app and drive more sales.

How Can You Build A Mobile App For Your Store?

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Mobile apps used to be very expensive to build and hard to maintain until recent years. However, you can build a native mobile shopping app at as low as 99$ / month. 

You neither need to pay any additional maintenance fees nor have design or coding skills. You can start to sell from your own mobile app 7 days after you decide to build one. Sounds crazy, but it’s the reality thanks to Shopney.

Simple math explains that a mobile app is your best bet in 2021! Because it’s risk-free and you can get the ROI with even one single push notification.

The Bottom Line

Mobile became the main sales channel of eCommerce 2021. You have to make sure that your eCommerce brand adapts to it. Building a mobile app will cover most of what you need and bring your brand additional value.

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