Immediately Level Up Your Dropshipping Business with Topdser Private Storage

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Dropshipping gives entrepreneurs all the benefits of e-commerce without the burden of storing the product; however, it doesn’t provide the benefits of having stock on-hand. What if you could get the best of both worlds?

Enter Topdser Private Storage

Topdser’s new Private Storage now gives dropshippers the option of pre-purchasing products and creating their own supply. Pre-purchased products are shipped to the Topdser warehouse where they are then stored.

Users will have their own space for their respective shops with free hosting for up to 100 days! This is all well and good, but how does this help you?

1. Faster Delivery Means Happier Customers

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The Topdser Warehouse is focused on serving Topdser users as fast as possible. Products sold while housed in Private Storage will be swiftly packed and shipped with little process time. Having on-hand stock can save as much as 4 days of shipping time.

Amazon Prime has created a tidal wave of impatient buyers. While Private Storage may not be 2-day shipping, possibly shaving half a week of shipping time will give you the edge against competitors.

2. Wholesale to Save More

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Dropshippers usually don’t have the luxury of wholesale purchasing products. Wholesale pricing is almost always cheaper than purchasing 1-by-1. Private Storage eliminates one of the biggest downsides of dropshipping.

Stock up on your hot products at a lower price without lowering the product price. Profit margins go up, shipping times go down and you smile all the way to the bank.

3. NO MORE “Out of Stock”

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No customer wants to see the dreaded OUT OF STOCK message right before they are about to hand you their money in the peak shopping season. Get ahead of the curve.

Pre-purchase your top products and have them ready for the holiday rush. It’s much easier to manage your own stock than it is to rely on the stock of a supplier. You never know when they might run out or stop carrying that product. Rather than be stuck scrambling to find a new supplier, plan ahead. Bulk purchase when prices are low and stack your hot product high in Private Storage.

4. Save More with Topdser Wallet

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E-commerce is a game of growing your profit margin inch by inch. Using the Topdser Wallet Function, users can preload funds and save money. Topdser offers up to a 2% discount on each purchase. While that might not seem like a mountain of cash, this quickly adds up over dozens of purchases.

How to Use Topdser Private Storage

1. Setup

Contact a Topdser Account manager directly through the live chat feature within the app or email the support team at for setup. You’re also welcome to join our Facebook Group and talk to us!

2. Pre-Purchasing

From the Topdser dashboard, navigate to Sourcing List > Find the item you want to pre-purchase and click on In-Stock Inventory > Select the desired variants, quantity and then click Purchase.







Navigate to Purchase Orders to review your order> Make Payment to finish the transaction> Items will be shipped to your Private Storage

*View your storage by clicking on Stored Inventory. This page will show you how many of each piece is pending arrival at storage, available, reserved, awaiting shipment, and fulfilled

3. Fulfilling Orders with Private Storage

Click All Shopify Orders to view recent ordersOn the Quick Filter tab, click on My Private Storage > Select desired orders and click Order Product


(Note: Product Cost should say $0 USD, and you will only pay applicable shipping costs) > Click Place Orders and finish payment

Note: If you have insufficient inventory in your Private Storage, you will be notified before purchasing. You can choose to Restock inventory to add more to your Private Storage or choose Dropship to purchase from the supplier without restocking.


Topdser Private Storage gives dropshippers all the benefits of having on-hand stock with none of the headache of dealing with storage themselves. Private Storage allows for up to 4 days faster delivery by eliminating processing time. Dropshippers can lock-in low or wholesale prices and keep a reliable supply available during peak season. Topdser Wallet also gives another way for users to get a cheaper deal.

Get Topdser Private Storage to save money, earn more, and keep your items always in stock. 
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