The Truth About Dropshipping YouTube Influencers: 4 Lies They Tell You

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Odds are you’ve seen these videos if you’ve ever searched “dropshipping” on YouTube. The thumbnail is invariably someone making an exaggerated expression and pointing at a computer with dollar signs littering the photo. The title will be something along the lines of “the secret to 6 figure income from dropshipping” or “How to make $$$$$$ passive income.” Let’s look at these so-called influencers and the lies they peddle.


Caveat: YouTube does have some great sources of dropshipping information if you do some digging


Lie #1. There is a Secret to Successful Dropshipping

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Spoiler Alert! Not a single one of these clickbait videos will ever unlock the mysteries of success in the dropshipping world. They will never deliver on the promise the title makes. You can watch the entire video (and the ads that give them revenue!), and chances are the influencer won’t address the claim in the title or to insult you more, at the end of the video they will tell you how the true secret is hard work.

Facts: Dropshipping requires

  • Relentless Effort
  • Innovation
  • Adapting and overcoming failure
  • A little luck

Lie #2.  Taking Their Seminar/Class Will Make You Into a 6 Figure Shipper

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We already know their videos aren’t going to reveal the magic behind their alleged success. Why would they give those “secrets” away for free? Here comes the catch. If you only spend $20, then you can gain access to information that will make you 6 figures a year!

This is the dropshipping version of the scam seminars people attend on houseflipping. There is normally little to no value and the money spent is wasted. Taking an online class is a great way to improve you dropshipping game, just not these secret to success snake oil classes. Accredited online courses are plentiful, and some are even free! Check out organizations such as, Coursera, Udacity, and online courses from established universities

Recommended Subject Matter for Online Courses

  • Digital Marketing
  • Intro to Marketing Analytics
  • Intro to Business Management
  • Digital Advertising

Lie #3. This Item Will Make You a Fortune!Secret, Hidden, Message, Message On Paper, Paper

Finding your niche in dropshipping is never easy. But don’t worry because a YouTube Influencer knows this item will change the game for you and the other several thousand people who watched the video…wait that doesn’t work, now everyone knows the secret!

A rule of thumb to remember is that there is no special product that will make you successful. You could have a life-changing product, but if you have no marketing skills, customers won’t see your product. An interesting product is important but so is your marketing. More on marketing

Finding a Niche


Lie #4. Dropshipping is Easy Passive Income

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This might be one of the biggest myths circulated about dropshipping. There is nothing easy about this business other than the business model. There is also nothing passive about any form of long-term success in dropshipping. You might get lucky and have some short-lived success, but once your luck runs out, so does the success.


Dropshipping gives you the freedom of being able to work anywhere you have internet access, but that doesn’t mean the work is easy. Successful dropshippers are always improving their marketing, analyzing their engagement, and keeping an eye on products for expanding their stores.


Final Thoughts

Do your best to avoid the clickbait frauds on YouTube pushing lies about dropshipping. Look for informative How-To videos, design tutorials, strategy guides, and other educational videos.

Do the work and make your own success with Topdser

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