8 Seasonal Sales Ideas to Make a Quick Buck

Everyone loves to whip out their wallet when holidays come around. People also love to misplace their seasonal clothing or upgrade their old pieces. Why shouldn’t you get a piece of the action?

1. Christmas Ornaments and Knickknacks

Christmas Tree, Ornaments, Christmas, Holiday, Tree

Ornaments and knickknacks often break, get lost in storage, or fall out of favor. There are always old standbys that never go out of style like Santa or reindeer. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Pick something topical and do some serious digging to find ornaments and decorations that fit that topic. Perhaps a certain show about tigers is very popular this year, look for fun tiger decorations. Maybe a sports team is doing unusually well this year, search for their logo as an ornament.

Christmas gets everyone in the spending spirit, help them find a place to spend that money burning holes in their pockets!

2. Halloween Costume and Accessories

Halloween Decorating, Pumpkin, Fall

Halloween can be about wholesome family fun or about scaring the pants off your unsuspecting friend. Nearly everyone has a different costume every year, which means there are millions of sales opportunities.

Look for trending costumes and focus your store on these trends. Add complementary accessories and commonly used accessories to get extra sales.

Additionally, if you can find some fun decorations, get those on your store as well. People always love adding to their spooky décor!

3. Sunglasses

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There is a saying in Seattle that goes, “Everyone buys new sunglasses when it finally gets sunny.” Sunglasses get put away during fall and many times are not brought back out until it gets nice in spring. During that time, it’s easy to lose your shades or have them fall out of style.

Pay attention to the trends of popular brands and find similar styles. Sunglasses can be cheap beaters or higher end polarized style pieces. Pick your poison and innovate some marketing strategies to start moving shades when the weather gets nice.

4. New Year’s Eve Accessories and Calendars

New Year'S Eve, New Year'S Day, Party, Champagne

Every New Year’s there is a new number which means new demand for products. Think of the year themed glasses and funny hat you saw plastered all over Instagram. None of those are free and people buy them by the thousands.

There are glasses, party supplies, sashes, New Year’s Resolution boards, an endless number of calendars and the list goes on.

Keep in mind these items, especially calendars, are great stocking stuffers for Christmas. Get this store going before the holiday shopping season is in full swing.

5. Summer/Warm Weather Clothes

Pool, Swimming, Swimming Pool, Relaxing, Relaxation

When the weather warms up, coats get put away. Tank Tops, shorts, skirts, and sundresses come out. As they say, “Suns out guns out!” Help the people get their beach bodies out on display.

Proceed with caution as clothing can be a tricky business if you aren’t up to date on the trends. Crack open a copy of GQ or start following some fashion bloggers to get ahead of the upcoming seasons trends.

Everyone wants to dress like a model, but no one wants to pay designer prices. Look for suppliers that carry trendy clothing and fill your store’s inventory with the latest styles

6. Winter/Cold Weather Clothes

Relaxing, Lounging, Saturday, Cozy, Fireplace, Winter

Just as the warm fun of summer arrives quickly, it fades just as fast to the cozy chill of winter. That means jackets, sweaters, pants, and long socks. Let’s not forget gloves, scarves, hats, and all the other warm accessories.

Cold weather clothes are usually more specialized than warmer options. Be on the lookout for trending materials like merino wool, Goretex, and down alternatives. These materials are going to be more expensive but are easily recognizable and command a higher price.

Similar to warm clothes, it always helps to familiarize yourself with the latest trends. Find a supplier that makes a stylish product and use that as a jumping off point.

7. Valentine’s Day Gifts and Decorations

Valentine'S Day, Chocolates, Candy, Heart, Love

Why worry about what to get your Valentine when you can worry about what others will buy from your shop for theirs? There are also the younger students that need to give a Valentine’s Day card or small gift to everyone in their class. That’s a lot of product ready to move.

Customizable couple’s shirts, trendy jewelry, or Valentine themed clothes are all awesome choices. Look for what is being pushed by pop culture and capitalize on the trends.

Child friendly Valentine’s grams or small gifts will also help a parent scrambling to find something for their kid’s school party!

8. Country Specific Independence Day Products

Sparkler, Usa, American, Flag, United, Holiday, July

Whether it’s Bastille Day in France or Independence Day in the US, people love to show pride for their country. That means flags and country mascots everywhere!

Taking the USA as an example, Americans drop big money on American clothing, bald eagles, and anything with the word FREEDOM on it. If you can manage to work all those elements together and include something from pop culture, you will have yourself a small gold mine.


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