4 Reasons Why a Rockstar Social Media Presence is a Must for Dropshippers

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Social media is here to stay so you might as well ignore the toxic parts of it and harness the power it gives to dropshippers. Your brand needs to be on every major platform full stop.


1. Free Advertisement and Marketing

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It’s no substitute for paid marketing and ads (more on that here), but more chances to get your brand in front of customers is never bad. Get creative with your content creation, become a hashtag expert, and start acquiring followers.

Each time you post about your products, followers and people browsing hashtags will see your ads without you spending a dime.

2. Customer Engagement

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Social media is a great way to touch base with your customers and get feedback. Not sure what product you want to add to your store? Post a poll on social media and see where the demand lies.

Showcase your quality customer service by responding to customers with questions and concerns. Your webstore should have a customer service portal, but it never hurts to help customers directly over social media. 

 Note: You should always direct negative feedback to private messages

3. Big Brand Vibes

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All the big brands have strong social media game. Having a good social media presence gives your brand credibility and elevates public perception. It’s very common for someone to Google a brand they are unfamiliar with to see what it’s all about it. If they can see you have a steady social media presence it communicates to them that you aren’t going to disappear with their money.

Credibility is the name of the game. Just by having a consistent social media presence you are building brand credibility.

4. Going Viral

Easier said than done, going viral will take your brand to the next level. This requires interesting and engaging content mixed with a huge helping of luck. You can never win the viral lottery if you don’t enter. There is no downside as you should already be striving for quality content.

Amazon.com: The Original Shamwow - Super Absorbent Multi-purpose Cleaning  Shammy (Chamois) Towel Cloth, Machine Washable, Will Not Scratch (8 Pack: 4  Large Orange and 4 Small Blue): Kitchen & DiningLet’s look at ShamWow. To the average eye, we have an orange dish towel that a hyperactive man is shouting about on crappy informercials. Suddenly there are YouTube parodies of the man yelling about his dish towel, memes, and it became viral. Millions of views and units sold later, we can see what going viral can do for your product.

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