Should I Source a Dropshipping Product or Import one?


Dropshipping success relies on desirable products. But where and how should you get your products?

Importing vs. Sourcing

Importing a product is when you search a marketplace such as AliExpress and then use Topdser’s chrome extension to one-click import it to you store. In this case, you are researching the product, you are picking which one, and what price point.

Alibaba's AliExpress Warns of Delivery

Sourcing a product is when you make a request for a specific product using the Topdser Product Sourcing tool. Topdser will then provide a personalized choice of a product that matches the description with a guaranteed low product price.

When Should I Import a Product?

Importing works best when you are trying to find a niche. Depending on your Topdser plan, you can import from 1000 to 20000 products from AliExpress. This gives you a lot of room to add and remove products to find what works for you. You should almost always start with importing when you are first publishing products to your store.

When Should I Source a Product?

Sourcing works best when you already have an established product that is moving units. You may want to source because your current supplier has run out of stock of a variant or cannot keep up with demand. It may also be beneficial to source if you want to find more variants of a product.

Most importantly, sourcing through Topdser will help you find the lowest price on the product so you can increase your margins. Topdser has access to one of the largest marketplaces on the web for product sourcing. Therefore, it is highly likely to find the exact product you want with the lowest price.

Final Verdict

Importing and Sourcing should be used together for the best result. Start out by using importing to find products that work for your style and store. Use Topdser Product Sourcing to maximize your profit margins by getting the best price on your popular products.


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