Topdser Localizes Dropshipping Platform for Sellers in Brazil and France

Topdser Localizes Dropshipping Platform for Sellers in Brazil and France


October 20, 2020 – Los Angeles, CA – Topdser, the premier dropship solution connecting product suppliers with Shopify e-retailers, today announced that it has expanded its dropshipping platform to provide localized content for sellers in Brazil and France.


“The e-commerce space – and dropshipping in particular – is experiencing rapid growth in France and Brazil, so we’re streamlining our workflow to make it easier for entrepreneurs in those countries to utilize the Topdser platform,” said Elon Zhao, the Founder of Topdser. “Our global expansion is guided by user demand, and we will continue to make regional adaptations to our platform as the needs of our users continue to evolve.”


Topdser’s platform now offers country-specific websites in French and Portuguese. Users are automatically geo-located by IP address and directed to the appropriate Topdser landing page. Users also have the ability to self-select and navigate directly to either the French or Portuguese landing page.


In addition to making it easier for French- and Portuguese-speaking sellers to dropship with Topdser, the company also offers expedited shipping to customers in these regions using Topdser’s in-house sourcing solution. Topdser now offers shipping to customers in Brazil in 15-25 business days, while shipping to customers in France takes only 4-8 business days.


Topdser has quickly become known as the ultimate dropshipping solution, helping sellers streamline operations and boost productivity. The company’s diverse portfolio of shipping solutions enables sellers to routinely fulfill orders two or even three times faster than conventional shipping methods, while reducing overall costs on most orders. Additionally, Topdser recently became the only dropshipping solution provider to offer a product-sourcing price-match guarantee. With the fastest shipping options and a low-price product sourcing guarantee, Topdser offers the most compelling value proposition among the leading dropshipping solution providers.


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About Topdser

Topdser is a leading dropship solution that connects product suppliers and e-retailers. The company’s platform gives online sellers valuable real-time insight into online shopping behavior to help them adjust promotions for maximum conversion. With these integrated solutions and a thoroughly vetted marketplace of certified U.S. suppliers, Topdser is the one-stop e-commerce solution that empowers dropshippers like never before. Founded in 2019, Topdser is a global company headquartered in Los Angeles. For more information, visit





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