3 Key Steps for Building a Successful Dropshipping Brand

Long term success comes from creating a credible brand and amazing marketing. These two elements go hand in hand, but the brand is the foundation of your operation. Here are 3 key steps for building a successful brand.

1. Creative Logo and Catchy Slogan

You don’t need to reinvent Mona Lisa to put on your products, but you absolutely need a logo. It can be something simple like Nike or something more complex like the Cheeto cheetah mascot. Customers need a way to distinguish your product from all the similar products out there on the market.

You can design your branding and color scheme by yourself, get help from a friend, or contract it out to a graphic designer. Look at places like Fivver, where you can work with a designer to create something quality but also inexpensive.

A slogan that sticks in the mind of the customer will help you immensely. The best slogans encompass the spirit of the brand in just a few words. Keep it short, sweet, and catchy. Every successful brand has these pieces, your brand must as well.

2. Professional Presentation

Photos and Videos

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While you can import products and their photographs straight from suppliers using Topdser, it’s heavily recommended you keep those only for a place holder. Putting a personal touch on your products by producing branded photos will increase your credibility tenfold. If you don’t have the photography equipment, you can always outsource or borrow a camera from a friend and take a YouTube crash course.

Handsome Website

The presentation of your website must match the aesthetic and feeling your brand is focusing on. If you are trying to sell more expensive watches, having your website look like a Skittles bag might not be the best option. Communication, Workplace, Imac, Desktop, Creative

Select a theme and color scheme that projects your image. Taking Apple as an example, the Apple website is a lesson in clean minimalism that let’s the customers know that these products are not going to be cheap. Check out this guide for FREE Shopify Themes

Domain Name

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There is not a single successful brand that has an ugly website name. What does that even mean? Having a “myshopify” or anything of this nature in your website name looks unprofessional and kills your credibility.

Pick one of the many domain name registry services, buy a good domain, and instantly level up your credibility.


3. Social Media PresenceTree, Structure, Networks, Internet, Network, Social

Starting with your email, you should have an officially branded email that is used for social media and all forms of contact.

Your brand should be on all major platforms even if you aren’t a social media all star. If you look at any major company, they all have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and such. These are free platforms you can use to promote your product and also engage with potential customers. Serious brands have a strong social media presence.



Install Topdser so you can focus on the branding, while we automate the rest for you!


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