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We specialize in dropshipping and product sourcing. Topdser connects you to a marketplace of suppliers with millions of products for your ecommerce store. Grow your store in just a few clicks.

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All collections > Getting Started > Topdser Integration with eCommerce Platforms

Topdser Integration with eCommerce Platforms


Topdser works only on the Shopify platform. We do not support any other eCommerce platforms at the moment.
If you don’t have a Shopify store created, you can sign up here and start a free Shopify 14-day trial.
The Topdser Chrome Extension works only on the Google Chrome browser and only on the computer. It will not work on a tablet or mobile phone.
With the Shopify platform, you can sell products using other sales channels, such as Facebook, Buy Button, and Messenger. To learn more about each Shopify sales channel, check out the Shopify Help Center. However, take note, that each sales channel is unique and may have some specific requirements. 
Note: for selling on eBay and Amazon, make sure to read their dropshipping policies first. 
You can also display your Shopify products on the Facebook platform. However, you will need to create a Facebook business page in order to be eligible. Your products will be synced with your Facebook “Shop” page automatically if they fit into the Facebook guidelines. Keep in mind, you will only be able to customize your products on the Shopify admin page.
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