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What's The Best Option for Dropshipping Product Sourcing?6 Reasons Why Topdser Beats The Competition

What is the Best Option for Dropshipping Product Sourcing? 6 Reasons Why Topdser Sourcing Beats The Competition

I know what you’re thinking, “how do you beat the old standbys everyone uses to get products?” Let me reveal a few secrets that you can use in addition to AliExpress to make the most money. There is another huge marketplace, and Topdser has got the down-low on it.

Let’s talk about 1688.com, one of the world’s largest product sourcing marketplace. AliExpress sellers, Taobao (China’s Ebay+Amazon combined!) shops, and multitudes of other online retailers get most of their stock from 1688.

ONE PROBLEM, 1688 is entirely in Chinese and not user friendly to navigate. So how does this benefit you, the savvy dropshipper, looking to save more bucks?!

1. Topdser Product Sourcing Featuring 1688 Support!

The engineers at Topdser have rolled out our new Product Sourcing feature that directly connects with 1688. Cut out the middlemen from the big retailers, and let Topdser take you straight to the factory for the lowest prices guaranteed

2. Personalized Requests with Supersonic Logistics

Send Topdser a source request and let our experts find the best product with the best price in no time. Let our experts find you the best shipping options instead of being stuck at the mercy of retail sellers’ lame grab bag of shipping options

3. One Point of Contact for Multiple Suppliers

It gets tiring and frustrating trying to coordinate with many different suppliers. Cure that headache by letting Topdser be your single point of contact. Topdser will find and coordinate with 1688 sellers to save you the hassle and so you can focus on making the green!

4. One Package says Professional Better than a Half Dozen

Nothing looks messier than a customer receiving several different packages from the same shop at different times. Topdser will consolidate customer orders, free of charge, into a single package even if you have products coming from many different suppliers. Improve your brand image and eliminate waste.

5. PayPal Integration

Face it, everyone loves PayPal. It’s convenient and fast. The others don’t always give you that option. But Topdser always has PayPal ready to go so you aren’t wasting your time fumbling with cards and numbers.

6. Hot Product Recommendations

If it’s hot on popular retailers, you can be sure everyone and their grandma already has it in their store. Topdser uses advanced algorithms to give you killer product recommendations before they are already played out.

Oh, did I mention that these features are all apart of Topdser’s FREE account?! Go signup and start making bank!


We specialize in dropshipping and product sourcing. Topdser connects you to a marketplace of suppliers with millions of products for your ecommerce store. Grow your store in just a few clicks.

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