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Topdser Makes Significant Updates to its Dropshipping Platform

Topdser Makes Significant Updates to its Dropshipping Platform

May 18, 2020 – Los Angeles, CA – Topdser, the premier dropship solution connecting product suppliers with Shopify e-retailers, announced today that it has completed major updates to its dropshipping platform. Now available on the Shopify App Store, Topdser’s updated platform gives its users the ability to optimize bulk ordering and greatly expand their product sourcing capabilities.

“E-commerce has been thriving in the wake of COVID-19 as customer behavior has moved away from in-store shopping to embrace the convenience and safety of online shopping,” said Elon Zhao, the Founder of Topdser. “Our latest version of Topdser gives powerful new dropshipping tools to entrepreneurs who are working tirelessly to meet this growing customer demand.”

Bulk Order Optimization

One of Topdser’s chief competitive advantages is the platform’s bulk-ordering capabilities. The ability to order en masse is essential for seasoned merchants that process more than 10 orders per day. Topdser users now enjoy full utilization of the AliExpress Dropshipping API, with Topdser being one of the only apps to earn whitelist status with the API. This greatly streamlines the workflow and distinguishes Topdser as the best bulk-ordering dropshipping tool for AliExpress.

Additionally, Topdser offers advanced product mapping capabilities, enabling users to effectively adapt to supply-side changes by seamlessly replacing particular SKUs and other product variants as needed. For example, a merchant can map product inventory at the SKU level for easy substitution as supplier inventory fluctuates without disrupting the ordering process.

Lastly, Topdser now streamlines the process of working cross-app. This makes it possible for merchants to import products via Oberlo or other similar apps, while placing bulk orders through Topdser. This cross-functional integration makes it easier than ever for merchants to source and purchase products in bulk quantities.

Enhanced Product Sourcing

Topdser now partners with CJDropshipping to give users direct access to CJDropshipping’s product sourcing services for faster, less expensive order fulfillment. CJDropshipping gives Topdser users access to the company’s vast supplier network, with the added benefit of live-agent support to help source and execute all supplier requests. This high-touch experience ensures prompt support, and often results in the merchant securing lower costs and faster shipping via CJDropshipping’s supplier network. Sourcing products quickly and for the most competitive prices are key competitive advantages now available to Topdser’s users.

Integrating with CJDropshipping’s logistics services enables Topdser users to source products from AliExpress suppliers in China and deliver to any U.S. address in 5-8 days. Additionally, Topdser plans further integration with CJDropshipping that will become official in the weeks to come. These capabilities include the ability for users to create wish lists and submit sourcing requests to find alternative products on AliExpress – resulting in lower overall costs and greater product selection. Lastly, Topdser will integrate the CJDropshipping product selection tool, which will expand product sourcing options to supplement the AliExpress pool.

Visit https://topdser.com for more information, or set up a free Topdser account at https://app.topdser.com/user/register.

About Topdser

Topdser is a leading dropship solution that connects product suppliers and e-retailers. The company’s platform gives online sellers valuable real-time insight into online shopping behavior to help them adjust promotions for maximum conversion. With these integrated solutions and a thoroughly vetted marketplace of certified U.S. suppliers, Topdser is the one-stop e-commerce solution that empowers dropshippers like never before. Founded in 2019, Topdser is a global company headquartered in Los Angeles. For more information, visit https://www.topdser.com/.


We specialize in dropshipping and product sourcing. Topdser connects you to a marketplace of suppliers with millions of products for your ecommerce store. Grow your store in just a few clicks.

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