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Topdser COVID-19 letter

To our valued customers-

COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the lives of people around the world. The United States has been particularly disrupted in the past month as federal, state and local health authorities impose restrictions to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Much of the U.S. workforce now works at home, and a large percentage of students have returned home following school closures that are likely to remain in effect through the end of the academic year.

Despite this high level of disruption to everyday life, e-commerce is thriving. Dropshipping in particular plays an important role in the broader e-commerce landscape, and those of us at Topdser are committed to helping dropshippers like you thrive in spite of these challenging times.

Topdser is Open for Business

Organizationally and functionally, Topdser is very much open for business. Our employees are safely working from home, serving and supporting our loyal customers as we always have. The high level of service you’ve come to expect from Topdser remains unchanged.

How Might COVID-19 Impact Your Business?

E-commerce supply chains and fulfilment services are under enormous strain driven by unusually high demand for particular products. And although most links in the supply chain are still operational, suppliers are adjusting to these demand shifts in real-time which occasionally leads to temporary inventory shortages.

Shipping services face similar pressure as they adjust to increased order throughput. Additionally, carriers are implementing additional protocols to ensure healthy work environments for their employees. Through it all, our shipping partners are doing a fantastic job of adapting to these new circumstances.

With these factors in mind, it is important to maintain close communication with your suppliers to stay current on any supply chain disruptions, and notify your customers accordingly. Notifying customers proactively that they may experience delivery delay is better than customers being surprised when their delivery arrives late. Managing delivery expectations at the point of sale is essential to customer trust and satisfaction.

Managing through the COVID-19 Situation

COVID-19 has disrupted consumer behavior like never before. Most non-essential retailers have closed up shop and the remaining essential retailers alone cannot meet customer demand. E-commerce fills an important void in the lives of today’s consumers, which presents an unprecedented opportunity for dropshippers. Now more than ever, you should carefully monitor consumer purchasing trends to ensure you are offering products that are in high demand, and offer the most favorable margins.

Lastly, please reach out if we assist in any way. The team at Topdser stands ready to help your dropshipping business thrive during this challenging time.

With gratitude for our continued collaboration,

Topdser Team

We specialize in dropshipping and product sourcing. Topdser connects you to a marketplace of suppliers with millions of products for your ecommerce store. Grow your store in just a few clicks.

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