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5 Easiest Ways to Find Winning Products

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

What to sell? This is one of the most important question in your dropshipping business. Also, you may doubt that how the owners achieve feats of success in such a competitive industry? Well, it’s actually not that hard. You just have to remember,   FIND WINNING PRODUCTS Yes, the entrepreneurs you see hitting the jackpot after jackpot are constantly researching winning products online. Most of them are active members of several online industry forums and social media e-commerce communities. So in this article, I’m going to break down the 7 approaches to find winning products.

1. Amazon Best Sellers

Being the #1 best marketplace in the world, Amazon sure has a lot of insights to offer individual online store owners. Amazon’s best sellers list is particularly handy when it comes to finding products that consumers frequently buy online. Amazon has best seller lists for literally every category. And not only that, but they’re updated every. single. hour.

You will find some brand name products on best seller lists like Lego and FujiFilm above. However, you can also discover some unbranded products that are also easily available. Why so? You’ll discover here that branded products fare as equally as unbranded products. As long as a product is able to meet the needs and requirements of the buyer, then it has the potential of becoming a best seller; branded or unbranded.Please rest assured that, if they’re best sellers on Amazon, they could also be best sellers on your own store. So you can add products to your store, based on their performance on Amazon. Don’t have to worry that Amazons prices are extremely low. As long as your marketing is strategic and take buyers through your sales channel the right way, these buyers are likely to buy from your store before they even get a chance to compare elsewhere. The secret – and this is a BIG one – is focus on building your brand. You’re building your own brand, so spend the 30 seconds needed to come up with a unique product name. If you find the product and add the manufacturer’s product name, your competitors will find the product too. But if you have a creative name, it makes it slightly harder to find the same winning products. 2. Use Topdser to find the productsWithin Topdser, you will find a NICHES module, which Topdser will add niches products daily.

Keep in mind that some of these products will be the most popular that everyone else is selling since it’s what people will check through first.So you’ll need to dig a little deeper. Click on the product page of a product that you want to add.

At the bottom you’ll see product statistics. You’ll want to look at all of these details to help you make a decision. The 4.7 star rating is great. I usually like to stay above 4.5 stars. But keep in mind that if there are more than 100 reviews anything above a 4 star is a great product to choose from. Imports tells you how many others are selling winning products like this one. When it comes to pageviews, I like to compare it with total orders. When you divide orders from the past six months against total pageviews, look at the percentage you get. If it’s above 50%, you likely have a winning product on your hands. Anything lower than that and your ad pricing might end up costing you too much. When it comes to Orders, check to see if the orders in the past 30 days are high. If they’re higher than the past six months, you likely caught it before the trend blew up. However, you don’t need to discredit a great product because of it either. For example, the USB heated shoe still got 5500+ sales in the past 30 days that’s still insanely high. Even if the trend is dying, you can still capitalize on it if sales in the past 30 days are in the hundreds or higher.

3.Use Ahrefs to Find Trending Products

Ahrefs is a remarkable SEO tool used by online marketing experts around the world to find trending keywords relevant to their specific industry. It is a great place to find the perfect keywords for Search Engine Optimization as well as discovering hands-on content ideas. You can use Ahrefs to search for trending keywords around products in your particular niche. By entering niche-specific/industry-related search terms, you are able to get hundreds of related results that can guide your next level search. At the end of the day, you have a couple of product names that online buyers actually look into. What’s more, Ahrefs results come with tons of helpful insights like search volumes, target regions, and clickability that help you get the most impactful results from every search. For instance, if you only wish to sell products to a specific region, you can narrow down the niche search to locate popular products within that niche within that particular region.

4.Use Google trends to find hot products

Google Trends is a popular free tool you can use to find out if a product is growing or declining in popularity. Entrepreneurs use the google trend tool to comprehensively search for trending products around their industry from across the globe. Results from google trend are up-to-the-minute, and they also span all the way back to 2004. This gives the entrepreneur a vast amount of product insight and data to compare trends on their products within any time period. Like Ahrefs, Google trends feature several metrics that help you narrow down your search and find the most out of every search. Search results reveal trends in the market that entrepreneurs can actually use to inform decisions of when to enlist a particular product and what times such a product falls out of season.

5. Check out your competitor’s top sellers

“Spying” on your competitor doesn’t mean that you have to be all up on their website’s analytic section looking at by the minute sales. If they have best-selling product lists -kind of like the one on Amazon- they are using this to tell their customers that they may want to buy those products since other buyers found them to be helpful. What they don’t know is that they are telling you -competitor- that these are the products they are making significant sales on and that you too can rake in a lot featuring them on your store! The more you dig deep into your competitor’s webstore, the more insights you get, not just what products are selling like hot cake, but also what they are doing differently to drive massive sales on these products. It could be unique naming, original product images, accurate product descriptions, etc. there’s got to be something for you to take home. Another smart way to look into your competitor is through their customer reviews under specific products (especially top sellers). These can actually prove helpful since most customers reveal not just what they like about the product (the seller had no hand in its creation) but also what they liked about the sellers unique marketing and quality of service provided. Also, check out your competitors Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks they are actively advertising on. Chances are they will center their Ad campaigns around products they have found to sell better on their webstore. A trick some entrepreneurs use to activate Ads from different stores is to add products from your competitors’ webstore cart. This triggers the webstore to retarget Ads which usually get activated by abandoned carts. You may use templates from these Ads to inspire your own advertisement content and market your winning products better. RESEARCH IS THE KEYStop listing random products on your store just because they look attractive. Do some competitor research and monitor what people are talking about online. By paying attention to high-performing ads and competitors, you’ll inch closer to finding high-performing winning products to improve your sales performance.