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5 Facebook Ad Tips for Dropshipping Stores

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Facebook is the perfect platform for showcasing your salable products to 1.23 billion monthly active users who are already on Facebook. When you’re marketing your AliExpress dropshipping business, your goal is pretty obvious- to create more and more traffic to your page and to maximize the number of the sold products. Once the goal of your advertisement is clear, once again Facebook wins the race. A good Facebook ad is the “secret” to exploding your store into life and making mega profits. Here are five Facebook ad tips you can steal to guarantee success with yours too. 1. Targeting the right audienceStudies have shown, only failing in targeting the correct group of the audience has led numerous dropshipping businesses to the dogs while the opposite can have a claim for roaring success. If you’ve well-researched your dropshipping niche, this is going to be the easiest part. Demography, Interest and OccupationQuite obviously, a 60 years old ex-army man will not like the same products from your website as a high-school girl will. ‘Facebook Audience Insight’, an inbuilt extension of Facebook, allows you to distinguish your actual targeted audience by their:- Age- Occupation- Hobbies- Interests (Facebook groups they belong to, types of posts they like the most, pages they’ve commented on.)- Recent life events- Purchasing frequency If you’re selling some kitchen appliances, Facebook will automatically target only the users around you who have recently purchased some kitchen appliances or associated things recently or have shown interest on those or at least belong to some interest group of the same. Basically, you can laser target your potential customers. This is exactly what we need in a dropshipping niche store! 2. The budget factorA single penny isn’t worth wasting at any cost especially when you’re an entrepreneur in dropshipping business. We always suggest you go slow. Instead of investing a mammoth amount of money at a single time ad campaign, invest smaller amount at first. Follow the growth and then grow accordingly. With ‘Facebook Advertising Tool’, you can pay for the advertisements on daily basis and also as a one-time investment or the ‘Lifetime Budget’ as they call it. ALWAYS remember to test out new things. You will lose some money, but only to make a lot more than what you lose. Just learn the lessons and remember, all you need to do is marketing, you’re not managing inventory, packaging, and shipping good, investing a ton of money. Simply go out there and try new things and don’t get heartbroken if you lose some money. Even though a daily budget is much lower at a time for obvious reasons, we personally recommend you to go for ‘Lifetime Budget’ till you get the master hold on the investment factor. With a daily budget, you have certain chances of exceeding your total budget to a far extent while setting the one-time ‘Lifetime Budget’ will lower the chance. We suggest you go for the ‘Lifetime Budget’ with specifying the duration within which Facebook is supposed to spend your entire money on your ads. Facebook spends the budgeted money in either of the two ways: on the basis of clicks (CPC) or impressions (CPM). with CPC (Cost Per Click), Facebook will automatically generate the ads on behalf of you to the most relevant users and with CPM (Cost per 1000 Impressions), the money will be deducted for every 1000 impressions on your ad. The automated ‘Facebook Advertising Tool’ let’s you to ad separately any discount coupon or offer if you want to. 3.GeographyThe more concentrated your circle is, the nearer is the success. The first thing to address in Facebook Advertising for successful Dropshipping business is the location. Being a retailer of South Pole, won’t selling windcheaters to the North Polar Bear be a little too adventurous? Target your prospective buyers within a certain geographical circumference where you think you can deliver products at the earliest. 4.Spy on Your Competitor Ads for Free Using the Search BarOne of the easiest ways to see if a product has potential is to see if your competitors are having success with it through spying on their ads. There are great paid products to help you spy on your competitors but you can do it for free using the search bar if you are on a budget. Now Facebook will search for posts that include this text. Most likely, posts that use these types of words/phrases in them are ads, so you can go through and spy on posts that have a high engagement. Something to keep in mind is that just because a post has a lot of engagement doesn’t mean it was necessarily profitable, it just means that quite a bit of money was spent on it. Sometimes people will spend money on ads that don’t work – so it’s not a fool proof way to see, but it helps. 5. Product Conversion” for your Facebook ObjectiveWhen doing Aliexpress dropshipping and creating your ads, you’ll be able to select an objective for your ad. This is the objective that Facebook will focus on. The only objective you should select is “conversion” – specifically, a product conversion.In addition, you can also set it up so that each of your individual products has their own product conversion pixel. If you go to this extra effort, it will help Facebook put the ad in front of the right audience specifically for that individual product. Happy Dropshipping!