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How to Place CJDropshipping Orders Through Topdser ?

Now, Topdser supports to auto-purchase CJDropshipping orders and auto-sync the purchase order details and tracking info from CJ. Before using this feature, you need to complete the following steps:

Connect CJDropshipping dropshipping API, if this has already been done, please go directly to Step 2.


Go to All Shopify Orders > Awaiting Order > CJDropshipping, select the orders and click the "Order Product" button.

On the order list page, you can also change the supplier to another one, update the item quantity, add a purchase message to CJ, select a shipping method to purchase this order from CJ.


















After that, the order has been submitted to CJ, you can click "Payment" to complete payment on CJ.








Confirm the order and finally pay for this order in DropShipping Orders.










After the purchase, the Paid/Shipped status will not sync from CJ to Topdser immediately, which will need 4 hours to be auto-synced. You can click the “Syncing Complete” button to manually sync the order statue/tracking info from CJ at any time.

And if you have enabled the "Syncing Complete" feature, your orders will be auto-marked as shipped and the tracking info will also be uploaded to your store automatically.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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