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How to Place and Pay for Multiple Orders?


If you have multiple orders to fulfill each time. You do not have to place orders one by one. Follow the page to learn how to place bulk orders by Topdser.
1. To start, click"All Shopify orders-----Awaiting order".
2. Select the checkbox for multi orders you need to pay, and it is also allowed to select all orders in "Awaiting Order".
3. As you see,8 orders are selected.​ Don’t forget to choose variants and shipping methods you need on this page. Next, click “Place Order”.
4. When the feedback box displays a green checkmark, it means you can click “Payment .”
5. It will switch to Aliexpress Order Page. As you see, there are multiple orders waiting for payment. Select checkbox for orders you need to order, click "Pay for Selected Order". AliExpress lets you pay for up to 30 orders at a time.
6. Click "Pay Now".
8. On the page, just select a payment method you prefer to fill in correct payment information. 
Congratulations! All orders process is finished.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!
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