The Ultimate Dropshipping Solution

AliExpress Official Dropshipping Partner

Streamline Operations and

Boost Your Shop’s Productivity

Connect Your Store

Sign up free with Topdser and link your Shopify store to your account.

Source Products 

Install Chrome extension

to choose niches from millions of AliExpress 

products for your store.

Create and Edit Listings

Craft descriptions, edit prices, modify photos and more all within our app.

One-Click Product Publishing

Publish your listings in a single click.

Manage Orders

Seamlessly organize and process customer orders.

The Top Dropshipping App

Topdser is the 1# Shopify APP supporting AliExpress and Product Sourcing. Topdser is an official dropshipping partner of AliExpress and CJ  Dropshipping. Topdser maximizes the potential of the largest product sourcing marketplace on the web with Aliexpress. Topdser product sourcing powered by CJ Dropshipping helps you source your popular products for cheaper with faster shipping times. When you add all these elements together you have yourself the top dropshipping solution.


​Sourcing Anything From China


Pricing is cheaper than AliExpress.100% GUARANTEED




Bundles Your Different Products into A Single Package


Bulk Ordering with Aliexpress Whitelist


Niche Spy with Facebook Ads Database


Earn Extra Cash Back for AliExpress Orders

The Topdser Advantage

Bulk Ordering with Aliexpress API

Place up to 300 orders working with AliExpress official API in seconds. No more wait times between orders.Place your orders as often as you want.

​Sourcing Any Product from China

Sourcing & Shipping Anything from China, Cheaper and Faster than AliExpress(100% GUARANTEED)

​Niche Spy

Know your products, and know your competitors. Niche Spy working with Facebook Ads database to spy niches, jump on a new trend and more.

The Game-changing Dropshipping App
Topsder makes finding products and listing them quick and easy. Take your store to the next level with the best droppshipping app. View more details about Topdser VS Oberlo.



fansfans store

"Recommendations for the 'Facebook Ads Targeting' age range in Trend Watch, which I rarely see, but this is exactly what I need."

March 26, 2020


"Very good dropshipping app. Not only is it useful for drop shipping, I have been using it for a long time, and I always have good results than using Oberlo."

March 23, 2020

Ssweat shop

"Great app. It took me a long time to fulfill my order through Oberlo and it was a waste of time. So, what I like about topdser is that it is indeed a one-click order fulfillment app! !! !!"

March 17, 2020

We specialize in dropshipping and product sourcing. Topdser connects you to a marketplace of suppliers with millions of products for your ecommerce store. Grow your store in just a few clicks.

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