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All collections > settings > How to use Pricing Rules

How to use Pricing Rules


The Pricing Rule setting will let you choose what kind of price mark-up you want to apply to the products you are selling in order to cover your expenses.
The pricing rule settings are divided into two parts:
-Shop settings
-Prices Assigned Cents
As stated, the "pricing rule will apply automatically when products are imported to Shopify with Topdser."
Please note: Global Pricing Rules work differently if you are not selling in USD on Shopify
Let's take the case of a product originally costing 10 USD for better understanding
In the shop settings part, the general settings let you choose how much you want to add to the original price of the product.
In this case, the product will be priced at 15 USD (10 USD (original price) + 5 USD (for expenses)).
You can also choose to multiply the price if that better suits your needs.
In this case, the product will be priced at 20 USD (10 USD (op) x 2 (for expenses))
If you are using compared price because you are running a promotion, you can also set it up here
In this case, the discounted product will be priced at 20 USD (10 USD (op) +10 USD (for expenses))
The original price of the product will be shown as being 30 USD (10 USD (op) x 3 (for expenses))
You can set a specific cent value for your retail price. We will use this value when forming the final price for your items (e.g., if you want the cost of your product to be XX.99 then add 99 to the fields below).
If you want to set different margins depending on the product's original price, you can activate the Advanced panel
Here you can set automatic price changes to your product according to price ranges

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