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How to set tracking


Note: Store settings will not be visible if you haven't connected the Shopify store
You can easily manage the information that will appear in the tracking mail that your customers will receive.
Go to the "Setting" page and access the "Tracking" tab.
If you activate this feature, Topdser will automatically trigger Shopify Shipping Confirmation email to your customers once the Tracking Number has synced from Topdser to Shopify
Note: If you leave the Default setting, Shopify will automatically choose a random Shipping Carrier and Tracking website for you.
Once you activated it for your store, you can select the carrier that your customer will see as shipping his purchase.
You can also set which Tracking website you want to use. Once you made your choices, don't forget to Save!
From now on, the next tracking email sent by Shopify will be affected by those settings.
Also, you can set a Custom Tracking URL if you wish to do so or are using other tracking methods than the one available.
Here are some most popular package tracking providers:
17 Track
Global Order Tracking
Package Radar
USPS Tracking
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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