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How to hide a product?

It may be useful to you to hide some products, because you are treating the product with your supplier directly, or want to treat it in some other way.
Hide a product
You will now find a Hide button at the right of "Your live products".
If you click this button, the product you are hiding cannot be processed with your orders anymore.
A notification will appear on top of your product.
When the product is hidden, it will not be displayed in the next orders that arrive in your Topdser account, meaning that even if you have an order in your Shopify store for this product, the order syncing to Topdser will not have this product in it.


Unhide a product
To unihide a product, it's very simple too, you just need to click the "show product" button. And product will go back to its normal state.
Only the orders that you receive AFTER unhiding the product will contain the product.
The orders you received while the product was hidden will still not show the product in the order.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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