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How to Get US suppliers by Topdser?


You have two methods to find US Suppliers in Topdser.

The first method :
Login in Topdser, click “import products”---” Shop All “.
Then you will see the filter for shipping country, select “Ship from: United States “.

Find a product you need, open the link detail to choose"ship from the United States ".After that, choose the shipping method that you need to ensure its estimated delivery time is what you need.

















If yes, please go back to the first page to click the blue button “Add to import list “.


The second method:
Ensure you have installed Topdser Chrome Extension.
Then enter Aliexpress, use keywords or categories to search the products you need.








On the second page, please choose the filter “ship from the United States”, open the product detail page you need.
Select the shipping method you want and ensure its estimated delivery time is the first way.


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