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How to deal with orders to Brazil?


Due to new regulations, all orders to Brazil must contain the CPF number, or the orders will fail.
Topdser will make the CPF number appear on your packages to make sure it goes through customs without issues.
CPF Number
For orders to Brazil, you need to make sure the CPF number is in the order's customer detail and correct.
You can add the CPF number of your customer in the  "Cpf" field, in Customer Details.
Once the order is placed, we will add the CPF number at the end of the address. You can check this by going to your order on AliExpress and clicking on View Detail
As you can see, the CPF number is added after the address, in brackets
Check CPF Number
In case your order fail, you can manually check if the issue is coming from the CPF number on AliExpress
Create an order, and enter the CPF number in the required field
It is important that you have the correct CPF number of your customer to place the orders. A wrong CPF number will prevent you from ordering or cause some issues at the customs.
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