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How to Customize Products


After you add a product, you can use the supplier's information, images and leave the product as it is, or you can customize it to look more professional in your Shopify store. 
In this article you will learn:
  • How to Customize products in the Import List
Customizing Products in the Import List
After you add the product to the Import List, you can customize it on the Import List page before publishing it into the Shopify store. Go to the Product, Description, Variants, Images tabs to customize the product according to your needs.
To move the product to your Shopify store, click "Import to store".
You can change the product title, add it to Shopify collections, set the product type, or assign tags. Take note that only manual Shopify collections are shown in the drop-down as products to the automatic collections are assigned automatically. Collections, types, and tags help organize the products better in the Shopify store.
If you want to check the original product listing, click on "View original product".
Use the editor to edit a product description, add images, or insert links if needed. 
On the Variants tab, you can rename SKUs, variant names manually set the product price. On the Profit section, you will see the potential profit you will get selling this product.
Here you can also deselect variants that you do not want to sell and see how much inventory the supplier has for each variant.
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