What is AliExpress and How Does Topdser Connect You to it?

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AliExpress is the lifeblood of the dropshipping industry. While there are other options for sourcing such as Topdser’s Personalized Sourcing Service, AliExpress is the most commonly used marketplace. Todpser is an official partner of AliExpress and the best way to connect you. Learn how to connect your AliExpress account to Topdser

The Go-To Massive Product Marketplace

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AliExpress has millions of products to choose from, including thousands of things you probably didn’t know existed

The sellers are based in China, and thus they have easy access to factories or the sellers themselves may be a factory. Think of AliExpress as Ebay+Amazon times 10!

Chrome Extension for Easy Product Importing

Todpser’s Chrome Extension lets you import any of the millions of products from AliExpress straight to your Shopify store with a single click.

  1. Go to the Chrome Webstore and Find Topdser
  2. Install the Topdser Extension
  3. Navigate to AliExpress
  4. Find a Product you want to add to your store
  5. Click the Topdser Icon



Bulk Ordering with AliExpress API and Whitelist

Being an AliExpress partner has its perks. Topdser is part of the whitelist, meaning you will never be flagged or have your orders slowed. Topdser gives you the power to bulk purchase up to 300 orders  in a single transaction.

Topdser and AliExpress go together like rum and coke; a perfect match to give you a lift.

Get the Most out of AliExpress with Topdser

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