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How to Edit Product for Current Orders Only?


Edit a product for current orders that allows you to change the supplier of the product variant for a specific order or orders that are in the “Awaiting orders” status without overriding the whole product on the “Import List” or “You live Products” page. 

Topdser has"Edit" and"Bulk Edit".It is worth noting that batch editing only supports orders for the same SKU. Next, we will explain to you in detail.
To edit the product for current orders, follow the steps below: 
1. Go to the “All Shopify orders” page, find order and click the ''Edit” button nearby the” Mapping” button.
2. You will see “Aliexpress”, to fill out the new vendor link on the box field, click “confirm”.
3. In the “Variant” field, select the corresponding variant.
4. Click “Save” to initiate the override process.
5. As you see, the supplier product is changed already.
When you have many orders, and these orders have only one same SKU, you can choose "Bulk Editing".
Fill out the new vendor link on the box field, click “confirm”, select the corresponding variant, and save.
Then the supplier product is changed already.
Note: When you Edit a product for your unfulfilled orders, the current product URL, description, price, variants, images remain as they are in your Shopify store.
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