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Can I Use Affiliate Programs When Selling with Topdser?


Various affiliate programs let people earn commissions by generating sales. If you sell AliExpress products with Topdser, you can get some cashback from the orders you place with the supplier.
How It Works
When you receive an order from your customer, and you use Topdser to purchase AliExpress products from the supplier, you can get back a small percentage of the money you paid back to your account. When you place orders with Topdser, a unique affiliate link is generated, that lets the affiliate program know, that the order is coming from you.
Topdser works with the Admitad affiliate program, and it is free of charge to join it.
To start getting commissions, you need to set up your affiliate ID. 
Set up your affiliate code
To get your unique Admitad affiliate ID, follow these step-by-step guidelines, which explain how to get started and get your affiliate ID activated in Topdser settings.
Once your application for the affiliate program is approved, you will be able to get your affiliate ID from the confirmation email or by accessing your personal Admitad account and navigating to Programs > My Programs > Aliexpress WW > Banners.
Add Your Code in Topdser 


Enter Topdser---Cashback Affiliated Program---Fill in your Affiliate Code 


Important Note: Make sure you add only the Affiliate Code. Do not paste the whole URL or leave any symbols at the beginning of the end of the Affiliate Code. If you get an error when placing the order, please double check if the Affiliate Code is entered correctly.

Withdraw Cashback Funds
Your collected cashback can be visible in your personal Admitad account. With  Admitad, you are able to withdraw the funds to your bank card, PayPal, WebMoney, or using other methods depending on your country of residence and a legal entity. For more information, contact Admitad customer support.
Affiliate Programs for Multiple Stores
If you have several Shopify stores connected to different Topdser accounts, you will not be able to use the same affiliate code for multiple accounts. You will need to generate an affiliate code for every store you add to your account. 
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!
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